Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic

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The Hope Clinic is a free disability and low-income clinic.

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How did we start:

We evolve and grow to serve better.

The Hope clinic established in 2006. It started in a small room in the basement of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in DC. The purpose was initially to help newcomers of Copts. The Clinic was then evolved and grew to serve the entire community as an independent entity. To serve everyone with no discrimination of religion, denomination, color, sex or age etc.

What we do:

We meet the healthcare needs of our community.

We work with low/no income Virginians who do not have the means to sustain themselves. We support our patients by offering disability assistance to individuals that cannot receive care anywhere else. We aim to meet the holistic needs of each patient so they can live more fully and ultimately contribute to our shared community.


Who we serve:

We serve the under-served.

  • Nearly 13% of Virginians under age 65 are without medical insurance, equaling 874,000 uninsured Virginians.
  • The vast majority of non-elderly uninsured (75.8%) are part of working families.
  • By far, the greatest percentage of uninsured Virginians are U.S. citizens (76.9%).

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